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Earthworm Jim the Complete Series

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Even among the craziest, most outlandishly funny games that came out of the SNES era, the Earthworm Jim series still holds a place near the top. A platforming game about an Earthworm granted powers from a random supersuit falling out of the sky, Earthworm Jim quickly became a cult-hit among gamers who appreciated its satirical humor, ridiculous story, and absolutely tough-as-nails, unforgiving gameplay. It’s hard not to crack a smile seeing a small, fluffy cat ruling over hell, employing lawyers as enemies, or the love interest going by “Princess What’s-Her-Name”.

The series had so much humor imbedded into it, that a Saturday morning cartoon was created based on the main character, and we were given the Earthworm Jim show. The cartoon series maintained all of the offbeat humor that the games had, as well as attempting to infuse its own humorous elements into the mix. Most episodes were based on even the most mundane of tasks turned into a sprawling epic, with each show ending in Jim being crushed by a massive cow from the sky.

Earthworm Jim: The Complete series features 3 disks containing all 23 episodes of the cult-classic, hilarious cartoon show. Pick them up before Queen Slug-for-a-Butt gets her hands on them; in this game’s universe, who knows how that might end up?

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