Putting The ‘Han’ In Handmade

Star Wars HandmadeHan Solo oozes cool in Star Wars. Every kid wishes (as do most of us adults) they could have his rakish smile, a Wookie as a best pal and a laser gun. So with the speculation around the new Star Wars films, you may see an uptick in Han Solo & general Star Wars-related requests from the little ones. Or, you might simply want to utilize Star Wars themed items in the care of your child because, well, there’s no reason not to.

All of this is of course, completely understandable, so let me help you out by highlighting some artists creating unique items that will satisfy these needs over on Etsy. Please just remember to be accepting if the obsession manifests itself in your child’s desire to perform this dance for you and the neighbors in the living room (or at least snicker in private).

A couple of these might even save you some face in a scenario where your child asks you to make them some Star Wars couture and you just don’t have it in you. They don’t have to know you didn’t make it, right? Right.

  1. Sunshine Salad—Creates pants in all sorts of designs. The creator uses all the popular characters from the movies in creating a design that runs down the pant leg. If you contact them, they can even do something custom for you. See their Star Wars Patchwork Pants
  2. Micielomicielo—I was never a fan of the Clone Wars Star Wars cartoon series on Cartoon Network, but I can definitely appreciate cuteness. Micielomicielo, based in Hawaii, specializes in Star Wars t-shirts with handmade designs on them. The style reminds me of Baby Looney Tunes where “adult” characters are made young and cute. The seller also has other Star Wars goodies which might be appropriate for your child. Click here for Micielomicielo’s custom kids shirt & look for the ‘Handy Solo’ option
  3. Brookidlyn—this creator just knows that Star Wars baby blankets are for the parents’ benefit and not the child. The baby in the stroller doesn’t know (yet) or appreciate the glory that Star Wars brings to geeks’ lives—they are too busy learning how to walk and talk. Thankfully, Brookidlyn knows that you still want to show your geek cred at the park and has created a Star Wars baby blanket for this purpose.
  4. Extramoneyformommy—Don’t judge me, but I’m considering buying many of these for myself. Millennium Falcon bath soap is really cool and something that I can proudly place by my bathroom sink for guests to bemusedly glace at.
  5. SprySprout—branding themselves as “A Unique Geek Boutique”, the vendor sells geeky baby items. The kid doesn’t yet care about the galaxy far, far away, but you do. If you have to get thrown up on while burping your child, at least have Chewbacca drenched in vomit, and not your shoulder. Spry Sprout’s Baby burp cloths

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