Eating Up ‘Where the Wild Things Are’


Ah, the kids’ book nostalgia canon. Of all the kids’ books that tug on your heart and bring the sound of Mom’s storytelling voice back, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ probably ranks pretty highly for most of us. At my baby shower, I got a lot of amazing gifts. I  mean, mega amazing. But the one that almost made me cry in front of everyone who was staring at me as I opened my gifts was an unexpected copy of Maurice Sendak’s classic of classics.

Since this book came out in 1963, there’s a pretty good chance your parents feel that teary nostalgia for it too. Great new books come out every month, but some just tend to stick around for decades.

What is it about this one, exactly, that makes this one so accessible? Is it Max’s fierce independence followed by the stinging discovery that he needs his home and family? Or maybe it’s Sendak’s effortless skill of quick and deep world creation that appeals so strongly to our imaginations. Either way, we all dream of escape from time to time while simultaneously craving the comforts of home. This book feeds our hearts in every way.


First of all, if you haven’t read it, bought it, and gifted it to every kid you know, here’s a link you might wanna click.

Once you’ve read it, and read it again (over and over), it’s time to find ways to hold onto it. It’s the perfect jumping off point for room decoration, and the perfect thing to sneak into your life to ramp up the nostalgia factor. It’s easy to forget we were kids once too.

This too-too cute Moishe monster hat comes in sizes ranging from newborn to adult – do you think I could pull of twinsie monster status with my new baby if I ordered both? OH! A whole family portrait with everyone in monster hats! I can see it now.


While we’re on the subject of mommy-n-me ensembles, we can’t just ignore this crazy adorable t-shirt/onesie set. This article’s gonna make me broke – I need all of these things. Need.


And then, Reincarnate Shoes took things to the next level. These hand-painted Chuck Taylors are just stunning. They’re almost too amazing to wear – almost. Get on my feet.


Clearly we’re gonna need to get some links for some Max costumes in here. There are a ton out there for all ages, but this one has these whiskers that I just can’t resist. There are options to order the crown and some little wolf mitts if you so choose. If the costume is for baby, you can order the feet with little wolf pads on the bottom.


Thinking of doing up a whole playroom, bedroom or nursery wild things style? This set of three  may give you a few ideas.


Cassy Lee via Create Wonder made fantastic use of a small space with a stunning mural.


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