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Who knew there was a market for walking, talking eyeballs? This little gizmo is sure to amuse the little ones for some time, however, as the toy is actually an all-purpose entertainment center. Well, if you’re five years old it is.

The big ole’ glassy eyeball rests atop four bendy legs that can be molded anyway that pleases the youngins. The feet are suction cups, allowing the toy to cling to the car windows, the refrigerator, and any mirrors or television screens within reach. It should be noted that, though your children will try, the cups will not stick to the family dog. The primary feature of the gadget, however, is housed within the eye itself: a voice recorder. The device will record up to ten seconds of singing, talking, bawling, barking, chirping, laughing, drumming, whistling, or any other noise your child can concoct.

The kicker, though, is that playback of said recording doesn’t require the press of a button; the eye is motion sensitive and will trigger if anything moves within three feet of where the toy is looking. This facet, combined with the suction cup feet, will afford an endless opportunity for audio booby-traps, as well as an endless chance for you to have the bajeebus scared out of you.

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