Eco-Friendly Fall Fashion: 5 Amazing Alpaca Sweaters for Kids


Once upon a time, Alpaca fiber was reserved for Incan royalty. Now, it’s used to make eco-friendly, high-quality super insulating fall-ready kids’ clothing. It’s softer and warmer than wool, and easier on the planet.

The best part? It’s much harder to stain, even with grease and oil. It repels liquids, but wicks moisture. It’s super durable, so it should last awhile, even with rough and tumble kids.

The nature of the alpaca industry also makes it incredibly eco-friendly. Alpacas lack allergens, whereas sheep wool is usually treated to remove lanolin. Even the way alpacas eat is earth friendly; they shear the grass as they eat it rather than pulling it out at the roots like other animals do. Those buck teeth aren’t just for looks.

With alpaca wool becoming more readily available each year, you can bet there’s an adorable sweater that’s just the right style for your one-of-a-kind kids.



Off center kids absolutely need off-center clothing, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be warm. This nautical striped alpaca Breton sweater from Etsy’s Ingugu uses undyed baby alpaca fiber (that’s the softest kind), coconut buttons and undyed cotton labels.



As a cardigan-obsessed individual, I can’t think of anything cuter than a kids’ cardi. There aren’t a lot of outfits a cardigan can’t hang with, which makes this all natural non-dyed cardi from Ingugu that much sweeter. Did I mention there’s a matching slouch hat?



Your kid is smart; why else would he or she want to want to wear such a dignified pull-over? Elements of Childhood has added shoulder patches to this eco-friendly, long-lasting pullover so kids will exude the tiny professor vibe.


Since alpaca naturally repels water drops and is warm enough to keep the wind out, it only makes sense for there to be alpaca sweaters with hoods. Here are a couple from Alpaca Pie, which makes a bevy of Peruvian alpaca products with a hint of vintage British flair.


This boys’ stiped pullover hoodie is a bit lighter, but don’t let that fool you. A little alpaca goes a long way.


 This brown girls’ cardigan hoodie is lined with pink fabric and woven with gold thread for a bit of panache.


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