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Eco Friendly Rainforest Frog Flashlights

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The best thing about the Eco Friendly Rainforest Frog Flashlights–aside from their adorable animal body, with lights for the eyes–is that they are rechargeable. After all the batteries you went through during the Walkman/CD player phase of your life, you’ve consumed your lifetime quota. (But how great was it to slip a tape into the deck and walk around with that Walkman clipped to your belt? Those were the days…) These flashlights might prompt a discussion with your child about sustainability! Or on a low brow day, just flash it while loudly croaking and ribbiting, just to agitate them. The flashlights come in green, yellow, black and blue froggies, and when lying in their packaging, kind of look like they’re in silent repose awaiting Charon’s arrival to ferry them across the Styx. But that’s another story. Take these awesome little lights on your evening firefly hunts and picnics. Or just play with them to explore light and darkness (literally). Since you can recharge them, you don’t have to hear your parents’ voice echoing in your own as you say to your child “That’s not a toy!” These flashlights are functional and useful, while at the same time–super fun toys!

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