Edisons Light Bulb Experiment

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Edison’s Light Bulb Experiment

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Since it’s likely that there’s a history lesson to go with this set, I’ve got a pop quiz for you. Who really invented the light bulb?

It’s a bit of a trick, since there were actually 22 inventors who are credited with inventing it before Thomas Edison became famous for his design. Despite that fact, it’s a marvel to think of the amount of work and intelligence that goes into actually inventing something this important. The minds of the past had to be capable of not only thinking up an idea that the world needed, but these individuals also required the knowledge to design it with no previous basis to work from, and construct the actual mechanism themselves. Imagine coming up with a fantastic idea for something, but being stifled because you’re not also an accomplished physicist, or a master glassworker.

Fortunately, the Edison’s Light Bulb Kit takes the difficulty of actual invention out of the equation, letting our kids focus on the discovery and excitement of learning about electricity and light. This kit comes with everything you’d need to create a working light bulb experiment. It includes a clear dome with a base, two lead wires, and a connecting terminal, all with the appropriate clips to get your kids started.

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