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Edward, Sweet Edward Tee

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If you like Gothic culture, chances are you’re a lover of all things Tim Burton. Even if you didn’t pass Goth 101, or skipped out because you had better things to do, then you might even love him on an equal, or if not bigger scale than all the knock-off Goths combined. Yeah, we can excuse him for Planet of the Apes (or can we?) and maybe a few others, but basically all the Burton filmography is stylized in a way that places him apart from directors who choose matter over substance.

As Tim Burton films have become gems in pop culture history, no such tale told was ever as enchanting or as beautiful as Edward Scissorhands; not even Twilight, ladies. The world fell in love with his timidity and alienation from society, while little kids ogled their little minds over the man with the shiny fingers. It’s best if us bigger kids pass down our massive attachment with Edward to a younger generation.

Independent graphic designer and illustrator, Sandra Vargas, the creator of the “Edward, Sweet Edward T-Shirt,” shares the vision of her favorite fairy tale character for younger Burton fans ages 2-12. The high quality, cotton tee made exclusively on American Apparel T-shirts, is strong enough to handle the sharpness of scissors but gentle enough for even the bittiest Goth. As Edward could speak volumes just through sheer expression alone, the image paints a similar picture of the feelings that Michael Anthony Hall only wished he could express to Winona who expressed them to Johnny Depp at the end of the film. (*Winona forever*). Give your child the gift of steampunk’s first iconic face. Give them some Scissorhands.

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