Eitech Solar Construction Kit

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Eitech Solar Construction Kit

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While there are many great kits out there for the younger crowd, certain kids who really want to get into the world of building sometimes need a more detailed and exciting challenge. These kids already love assembling, have likely started designing blueprints, and would fit right at home in a workshop with a tool set. If your progeny is of the construction persuasion, we have set for them

The Eitech Solar Powered Airplane and Helicopter Construction Set starts off as a box of nuts and bolts, but your mechanically-savvy kid can build either a helicopter or an airplane following the detailed instructions. This kit comes with durable, all metal parts, and is complex enough to feel like something is actually being built during assembly. The solar powered propeller charges up when you place it under direct sunlight and then spins in place on whichever version was constructed.

We all know half the fun of building something is taking it apart, so when your child has constructed one version and reached a satisfactory place admiring their craftsmanship, they can disassemble it and build the other. Eitech was kind enough to supply us with a sample to review and we were very impressed with the quality of the parts and the finished product. Depending on the age of your child, you may want to join them as they put this together, which makes it an even better toy in our opinion.

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