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Electrical Robotic Arm

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In the 1980s, there were two types of nerdy kids: those with Tandy Armatron 2364, and those who could only stare covetously at their wealthier friends’ toys and wait twenty years to buy one used on eBay. That thing was SO COOL! It had six axes of movement! It had a gripping claw arm! It came with little balls that you had to balance on pedestals for some reason! It had everything an aspiring roboticist could want – until now.

The Robotic Arm – Edge by Elenco is the next-generation descendant of that venerable old toy. It has the same six axes of movement with a much more elegant control set – four switches control motion, while a fifth switch operates the claw. This toy has a bold, utilitarian look and a functionality to match: the joints are controlled by five independent motors, and the claw has a 100g lifting capacity, a 15” vertical reach, and a 12.6” horizontal reach.

This kit requires complete assembly (rather like building a model), and the assembly instructions are probably too advanced for kids to complete by themselves. Additionally, this kit requires 4 ‘D’ batteries, which are not included. The recommended age for this toy is 10+, but once assembled, there are no small or dangerous parts should you wish to let a younger child play under supervision.

Pro-tip: Thanks to the open-source movement, you can also implement speech control on your Robotic Arm.

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