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Electronic Guitar Shirt

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Wearing a shirt with the name of your favorite band is a way to passively advertise your taste in music, which, in the world of the teenager, is used as an indicator of personality and compatibility. Wearing a shirt that is a playable electric guitar is an active way to make friends and music at all times, wherever you go, whenever you are wearing it.

Sold by Think Geek, the shirt has a picture of a flaming guitar on it, but that guitar has actual buttons that represent the major chords. With the help of the included magnetic pick, you can strum your clothing and create the sounds of fifteen distinct chords that have been pre-recorded from a real electric guitar. However, there are no pre-recorded melodies. You press and play to create your own music or practice your favorite song. It’s a bit like air guitar, only it makes noise.

You simply remove the mini amp (which of course goes up to eleven) to put the shirt in the washer. It comes in three sizes to fit kids ages 6 to 16, so your kid has ten years to master the art of shirt guitar. What could be a better accessory than an amp that clasps onto your pocket? It’s more functional and appealing than a wallet chain. Wallet chains do not, last time I checked, have knobs that go up to eleven.

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