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Electronic Interactive Dinosaur Encyclopedia

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Many years ago, in some distant and long abandoned location, a secret congregation was held. It’s been said that this gathering consisted of all the great children of the time, who had traveled from the far corners of the Earth to deliberate on a topic that would define generations for decades to come. These children argued about which things would be known as the greatest of all-time; things that no matter where you came from, as long as you were a kid, they would be considered universally awesome. Among the things that eventually battled their way to perpetual fandom, were dinosaurs.

Odds are you’ve already got dinosaur figures in your house, and odds are they’re probably really cool. However, your dinosaur figures likely don’t teach your child in between reptilian battles. It’s okay, I’ve never been able to stop a velociraptor long enough to ask it personal questions either.

The Interactive Dinosaur Encyclopedia comes with 10 figures, and each of them can be placed upon the platform for interesting facts about that specific dinosaur. Your kids will learn about the animal’s biology, habitat, feeding patterns, fighting ability, and much more. There are even game modes to play, with over 1000 questions to quiz your kids about their favorite prehistoric creatures.

Dinosaur figures have always been awesome, but dinosaur figures that teach your kids while they play? The best just got better.

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