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Elementeo Chemistry Card Game V2

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Elementeo brings new life to the periodic table, turning the elements into fantastic creatures based on their properties. These colorful creatures (such as Oxygen Life-Giver and Sodium Dragon) make a great game out of combining elements into stronger forms.

The goal is to use your hand of various elements by placing them on the board, until you’ve reduced your opponent’s electrons to zero. You do this by capturing them and having more powerful elements than your opponent. Elements can be combined on the board with each other in order to form compounds, which are stronger than either of the singular base elements. Compounds have additional abilities that make them stronger pieces, more than worthwhile having on the board, which allows you to advance your strategy more quickly.

However, be cautious of Alchemy cards, which create amazing phenomena like black holes and supernovas! These cards have disrupting effects on the board, which may lock out certain actions, or change the game entirely. While playing, your kids are already combining elements with other elements, teaching them about compounds and structure. Each card also has interesting information about the element or compound it represents, giving your little scientist a better understanding of the combinations they’re making during play.

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