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Eleminis Card Game

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Ever wonder how cute a plant would look if it had an adorable face on it? Eleminis is a quick, pick-up style card game where players attempt to amass one of each of the five elements, (Air, Water, Rock, Fire, and the super-cute Plant) in order to win the game. Each element is stronger than two other elements, which can be used to gum up your opponent’s plans. The other players are not going to make is easy for anyone, either, as you might have the elements they want. Through this basic strategy, Eleminis becomes a simple, yet fun game that can be played with 2-8 players, and is engaging for kids 7 and up.

Each player takes turns drawing a single card from the deck pool. They can either place that card onto their area, or use it to eliminate another player’s card. A Star card can be used as any element, and the Trash card can be used to destroy any one element card. Things get tricky when Action cards are thrown into the mix, allowing players to discard multiple elements at once, or swap elements with another player. The more players that are in the game, the more robust the strategic options become, since taking stock of who has which elements makes for more in-depth decision-making.

While Eleminis is definitely simplistic, there are still plenty of decisions to make over the course of the game, and overall, it is fun and interesting. Pick it up if you’re looking for a quick, good card game for your kids where they don’t have to learn too many rules.

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