Elephant Chalkboard Wall Decal

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Elephant Chalkboard Wall Decal

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True story. Long before I had my baby, I daydreamed about creating a home environment for her that was rife with opportunities for self-expression. Not only would Baby X be encouraged to pour her own juice at 12 months old, she would also be able to play daddy’s guitars totally unsupervised and — my most genius idea — take crayons/markers/paint and actually fill up her white nursery walls with whatever she deemed beautiful. The point was to keep filling the walls until she became old enough to look back and say, “wow, is that a half circle with a line inside of it? That really made me who I am today.”

What can I say? I was young and didn’t own anything that cost more than $40. Reality, of course, is a whole different animal. The good news is, we don’t have to leave our kids out of the creative process.

What I love about the Elephant Chalkboard Wall Decal, a peel and stick decal that you can remove and reuse, is that it satisfies my and my daughter’s desire to be more creative in the home, but not in a crazy-as-a-loon way. The sizeable chalkboard, which is an impressive 24.5” x 38”, includes one large elephant decal, 21 birds, 20 water drops, and chalk. Children can doodle, create masterpieces, or practice their writing on the decal. It can also serve as an excellent message board on which to place chore reminders or leave sweet little notes to one another.

And maybe, if baby can prove her artistic mastery on the wall decal, I’ll let her have a stab at the actual wall. Kidding!

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