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Elite Class Flying Saucer

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When we are eventually visited, and then subsequently enslaved, by beings from outer space, I fully expect that our new overlords will recognize our obsession with all things alien as endearing and, may I be so bold, a cause for leniency for the true believers out there. I can see it now, how creatures of unspeakable geometries loom through the streets of our battered and defeated cities, rounding up their backward and simple (in a cosmic sense) residents to be used for labor in the distant polonium mines of Arcturus V. Then, there, in a child’s bedroom, hangs an adorable, fiber art rendition of the invaders’ mighty disc-like warships. The aliens, so touched by this simple expression of a longing to not be alone in this cold, vast universe, begin to see humans as more than just chattel, more than cheap labor to be spent in the name of progress and profit, but as people deserving of the natural rights afforded to all Borsmorkians from the planet Borsmork. After a long and highly contested series of legal battles, the Earthlings Rights Act is passed, finally tearing down the wall of segregation that for so long had marred the Borsmorkian civilization.

That moving genesis of harmonic coexistence in the universe could start with you, with the addition of the custom made Elite Class Flying Saucer to your child’s room’s décor. This hand-made flying saucer is knitted from superior earthling materials including man-made yarn and hypoallergenic polyfil. The five-in-diameter space ship is suspended from a black ribbon hanger, making it convenient to display prominently in your child’s room.

This saucer is not intended for use as a toy for children under three as its button viewing ports may present a choking hazard, but will still work well as an out-of-reach decoration for any science-fiction-themed baby room.

So, do your part to restore harmony to the universe by proudly displaying your love for the extra-terrestrial in your home with this adorable knitted flying saucer.

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