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Elvis ’68 Mr. Potato Head

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Picasso’s surrealist depictions of humans in abstract formations draws from the same breath as the interchangeable qualities of a Mr. Potato Head doll: on many occasions eyes are in nose holes, feet are in mouths, and hands are stemming from god only knows. The two are very similar, so stop snickering you art school reject. If Pablo were still alive he’d paint that snicker to where the sun don’t shine, ya hear?

From the timeless Mr. Potato head franchise, comes the Mr. Potato Head Elvis ‘68 Special Edition. This time around instead of the same old snoozer themes like firefighter, police officer, and Darth Vader (ok, that’s kinda cool), the Head is depicting rock and roll’s defining mover and shaker; The King; the man who began as Sun Records’ golden boy and became Las Vegas’s greatest lounge act. Mr. Potato Head (who left the Mrs at home this time), greets all his adoring fans in the famous, black leather suit, and brings along a microphone and stand just in case a song comes a’ callin.’ For wee ones who love all stages of Elvis, from his rockabilly beginnings to his late 60’s “Comeback Phase” and even 70’s fat Elvis, may Mr. Potato Head Elvis be the next toy in line.

Maybe after that, a Mr. ‘Picasso’ Head could be in order as well.

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