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Elvis Sings for Kids

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In the few decades that Elvis was king, his movement through one stage to another in his musical career ment he started out as one thing and then ended up as something completely different. From his start singing songs about the Heartbreak Hotel to his end as a not-to-miss Vegas lounge act, Elvis mattered for a few decades; his influence was undeniable and the controversy was always affluent. He was an icon, and despite dying on a toilet, we credit him for igniting the flame of rock ‘n’ roll.

The desire to move away from what was expected to show their softer side was a common thing for pioneering rockers of the day, and thus the creation of an album made specifically for kids was eventually made. In 1978, only months before his demise, Elvis Sings for Kids was released featuring 10 original tracks (and a few old-timey classics), with one bonus song that you’ll just have to buy for a listen (trust me–its worth it!). If you’re a parent who’s a fan of rock’s golden years–and a lover of Blue Suede Shoes–then this is the perfect album for you and all your rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ cherubs.

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