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Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Playing Cards

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I’ve always thought that “The Empire Strikes Back” is probably the best film in the entire Star Wars franchise. Sure, it’s a depressing film, leaving us with a mutilated Luke Skywalker and a captured Han Solo, but it’s the film that really brings to the fore the strong personalities that drive the Star Wars saga. From Luke’s impatience with his Jedi training to Han’s possibly last words of, “I know,” the heroes of the story are revealed to be flawed and human, and we love them that much more for it. And despite the downer of an ending, we’re left with a sense of purpose that carries us into the final chapter of the film series.

Star Wars fans can commemorate this excellent chapter in the Star Wars story with the Empire Strike Back 30th Anniversary Playing Cards set. It includes two decks of standard playing cards in a collectible Star Wars tin. One deck features images from iconic scenes from “The Empire Strikes Back,” while the other deck is emblazoned with Star Wars movie posters from films spanning the Star Wars saga. Relive your favorite moments from this iconic film with these cards at your family’s next game night.

Check out these kids’ reactions to the big “reveal” at the end of Empire Strikes Back.

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