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If Encore were turned into a drinking game, those who’d play it would be wasted within the first 15 minutes. But this is NOT an adult drinking game, this is a family game, and families do not get wasted together or give their children a shot of whiskey if they can’t come up with specific songs to sing. Nope, that is wrong to do, for sure. Child abuse is what they call that, me thinks.

What’s not wrong is testing the musical knowledge of your kiddie clan (or solo kiddo) with Encore, a game of skill and teamwork.The premise of the Encore is actually super easy-peasy: each team is given a card with five words and each player sings 6 words of any song they can think of that contains one of those 5 words. Say one of the words is “butts,” just draw from your extensive knowledge of Sir Mix A lot and show those other players that no, you don’t dislike big butts, and for this, you cannot lie. See? You’d get a crapload of points and stuff for quoting the Sir, and you’d laugh at the other team members as they scramble their brains for another song that talks about the derriere in such a ridiculous fashion. The only thing that’s somewhat tricky is the no repeat rule, and time: it isn’t on your side. So think quickly–like lightning–and squash your competition with your music-loving posterior. All thanks to Encore. It’s a great pal to have when you want to show off.

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