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Equate: The Equation Thinking Game

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It’s family game night, and you’ve somehow managed to convince Grandma that she should come over and spend more time with the kids. You’ve all sat down, and you’re ready to play a board game. “Scrabble!,” yells Grandma, in a strangely authoritative voice. You don’t want to disappoint your mother, since she can’t make it out often anymore, so you all sit down for a game. Maybe you’re better with numbers than you are with a dictionary, so you might have spent the entire time thinking how much you would have whooped granny’s score had this game only been about math equations.

Next time you get together for family game night, you can put your money where your mouth is. Equate: the Equation Thinking Game by Conceptual Math Media is a similar, crossword-style board game that uses math equations instead of the typical word-based games of yore. Equate includes 197 tiles, consisting of numbers, integers, fractions, operations, and the equal symbol (of which there are many). Players take turns constructing equations in cardinal direction on the board, scoring points based on the complexity of the tiles used.

If your family is looking for an alternative to the usual word-style game, or you want to teach your kids math similarly to how Scrabble helps teach vocabulary, then Equate is a great choice for your board-gaming needs.

To compliment your equation abilities, here’s a video to help you with probability and The Monty Hall Problem:

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