Eruption: An Explosive Board Game for the Whole Family


There are few better ways to build family camaraderie than a regular board game night at home. Board games keep kids socially and intellectually engaged in ways that just watching television so miserably fails to do. They are also fun, and often simple enough to allow even your youngest children to participate. The other great thing about board games is that there are so many of them, it’s no challenge to find one to fit your family.


A wonderful game for the fam, for example, is Eruption, a game in which each player must divert lava flows from an erupting volcano to save their villages. It falls into a category of games that could be called “tile games,” in which the game board is actually built piece by piece using tiles, rather than always being the same. It shares this format with other great games such as Settlers of Catan and Zombies!!! It’s a great format, as it provides a different game experience every time.

Gameplay in Eruption involves drawing and placing lava flow tiles to simulate an erupting volcano’s slow encroachment on its surrounding villages. Players may erect walls or hope to redirect the flow of lava through the use of special cards. When lava comes in contact with a village, the village starts to heat up. At the end of the game, the village with the lowest temperature wins.

Eruption’s simple mechanics and quick game play make it ideal for your family’s next game night. And imagine the fun you’ll have pretending the burning villages are actually your neighbor’s houses!

OK, that’s probably not the best example to set for children. Save that for Adults Only Board Game Night.

Eruption can be purchased at Stratus Games

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