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When I was pregnant, I taught myself how to crochet. There’s a soothing, nesting quality to taking needle to string. But it took me an entire year to make a scarf. And it was not a very nice scarf. This is where Etsy comes in to save the day. And when I say save the day, I mean literally superhero style.

You may feel like a superhero every day as a parent, but what you really want, what every parent REALLY wants, is for your child to be a superhero. So, to help your kid to look the part (that’s 90 percent of it right?), you could try some nesting and craft some of your own gear. Take a year or so and knit some Spidey garb or a nice Wonder Woman outfit for your little powerhouse.

Or you could breathe in the second hand nesting mojo and order up some cool items that other people spent their time – probably less than 365 days — hand crafting.


Fancy your wee one as the dark knight? Fancy some hand crocheted knit wear for your babe? You can have both with this batman set, including diaper cover, hat mask, booties, and, of course, a swaddle cocoon.  Not only will your Batman be the masked crusader, that super-baby will nap cozily through the dark night.


Once super-tot is awake, he or she will be hungry. And let’s face it, parents need a little comic relief at meal time and, until a certain age, your kid needs a bib — a super bib. Many a tot has been spotted wearing their bib – and other articles of clothing — backwards as a cape, and now you can let yours wear her cape backwards as a bib. Plus, you can choose one with a snarky comment that Stewie from Family Guy would be proud of.


If the whole Batman thing has drawn too much attention, try switching over to the Avengers.Once Bruce Wayne is done eating, it’s time to switch universes and cozy up in the Avengers Mansion. Time for some slippers. What kind of superhero goes out fighting crime without their slippers on? Make sure your little one has major toe protection when out searching for evil galactic villains,  like Thanos. Whether your toddler has tantrums that resemble the transformation Bruce Banner experienced, or brilliant strokes of genius from the likes of Tony Stark, you can rest assured these slippers fit any tiny pair of feet.


Now your superhero tyke in training needs a few tricks. With a little bit of Superman’s powers gleaned from this paracord bracelet (of course, use under supervision for the smaller set), their training will be complete. Time to play. Superheroes have always held a special allure, for children of all ages. Most of them are nerds in real life, sharing some quirk or oddity with a chosen few. But when they are in their costumes, they can let everything loose, a full-bodied representation of who they really are. What better way to give kids the freedom to express that than super-play?

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Batman Crochet

Cape Bibs

Avenger Slippers

Superman Bracelet



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