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Ety Kid Earphones

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Few will deny that the world has changed. Since the influx of technology, the internet has catapulted us to unimaginable levels of connectivity — shaping and forming us into the online addicts we are today (who just can’t get enough kitty videos). We use the internet to do our jobs, keep in touch, and make most of our purchases — music probably accounting for our most frequent online purchases.

As it seems like everyone and their next door neighbor has access to gadgets that allow us to listen to our favorite music, it’s important that you control the volume of your child’s headphones to ensure that hearing loss doesn’t kick in before adolescence. With the kids headphone market steadily growing, and the amount of entertainment sources like portable DVD/Blu-ray players and iPhone/Touch/Pads also rising, it’s a smart idea to know which one will keep your kids’ ears from exploding to smithereens (Ohhh! Songtime!)

Made for little rockers ages four and up, the Ety Kids Headphones are designed for the safest output available while maintaining the highest level of sound quality. Their optimal engineering process will cease to rise past safe levels, which will no doubt give you a few sighs of relief; even at maximum levels of crazy sound explosions, this unique listening device allows kids to safely listen for up to four hours per day. Which leads to my next question: Do they make ones for deaf old people like me?

And the band responsible for said deafness is…

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