Exclusive Kids’ Merchandise from the BlizzCon Online Sale


Every year, Blizzard Entertainment hosts an outrageously popular convention to celebrate and highlight its products and shake hands with its rabid, fiercely loyal fanbase. Actually, that’s not true. Make that almost every year.

For some reason, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that Mists of Pandaria was about to pull World of Warcraft back from the brink, Blizz decided to forgo the sell-out event in 2012. Regardless of why it happened, it really only means one thing: BlizzCon 2013 is going to be insane.

For those unfamiliar, Blizzard’s big titles include World of Warcraft, the Diablo franchise and the Starcraft series, which has a few of its own healthy eSports leagues. 2013’s been a huge year for Blizzard, at least where the headlines are concerned. Project Titan has been “leaked,” and the live action World of Warcraft film just recently announced its December 2015 release date. On top of that, feverish Blizz-related news hounds uncovered the media giant’s newest copyright application for something called “The Dark Below.” Oooooh, exciting.

So, in short, there’s plenty to wet your pants about when it comes to BlizzCon 2013. For Nerdy With Kids types, though, the coolest thing (besides all the adorable mini-Sylvanas kid cosplay) is the great family-friendly con-exclusive merchandise. What better way to express your love for all things Blizzard than to throw money at their super cute plushies?


A few items on the exclusive BlizzCon section of the Blizzard online store are made just for you. Unfortunately, if you want to gain access to them, you’ll need to buy a virtual pass to the Con. Don’t worry though, the pass comes with a ton of virtual access to interviews and panels and a few in-game rewards for all three titles, so it’s worth the money considering it costs $15 just to buy a cosmetic hat in World of Warcraft.

I’ll give you links to all of the exclusive BlizzCon family-friendly items (mainly just to take you down with me), but a few of them may not work if you’re not signed in with your Battle.net account after purchasing your virtual ticket.



The Transforming Zergling/Baneling Plushies top my list of most desirable Con squishies, mainly because the Zerg is kind of a big deal around my household. But if you’re more into conventional cuteness, check out the Lil’ Chen Plush Pandaren or the Lil’ Murk-Eye Plush Murloc.

Papercraft NPC’s


Thrall! Jim Raynor! A wittle bitty Diablo! Oh papercraft models, stop it. You’re too cute.

WoW-Themed Family Sticker for Your Car


Just when you thought those family sticker things were kinda lame, you get the chance to use an insane Old God or a little adorable gnome to represent your family. Dad would totally be the Lich King, right?

Zerg-Marine Army Men


Considering my guy plays Zerg and I play Teran in SC2, I really don’t see any way around throwing an hour’s wage at these little army men. Why have regular army men when you could have an epic space battle? Just watch out, or the baby might 6-pool right into your base.

You can also purchase backpacks, posters, lanyards, books, and all kinds of other awesome Blizz-fan stuff. Apparently, this isn’t even the entire collection, since more merch will be revealed at the con.

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