What to Expect from the Simpsons LEGO Deal


A few months ago, we told you all the reasons why 2014 was going to be the year of the LEGO. As it turns out, we missed a major piece of this year’s LEGO domination: the Simpsons deal.

Back in February, all of the LEGO hype came to a crescendo with the record-breaking LEGO Movie. Sliding in on the movie’s coattails was the release of the Simpson House LEGO set, complete with garage, dented pink car and infamous couch. It even comes with a Ned Flanders minifig (along with minifigs of each family member).

While the $229 price tag may seem steep for a toy, you gotta factor in the price of being a geek these days. How much are Con tickets? Why are the best t-shirts always like forty bucks? You see my point. If you’re a fan of something, you’d rather get a second job to be able to buy the swag than go without. LEGO knows this better than almost anyone.

Here’s the Simpson’s House, with a banana for scale.


Here’s some stuff from inside the house, which opens up dollhouse-style.

Lego Simpsons House objects college 1

Because Good Guy LEGO knows that $229 is like a third of my rent for the whole month, they’ve given us another option to enjoy this glorious licensing deal. A set of 16 hilariously detailed minifigs will hit toystore shelves in May to accompany the Simpsons LEGO special, airing May 4th on Fox.

Although I appreciate the low-cost option, I do see the possibility of spending more than $229 on $4 minifigs. I gotta have that Lisa, no matter how many tries it takes! Thankfully, there isn’t a single one of the set I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection.

Can we take a sec to zoom and enhance the image of Ralph Wiggum?


Yeah, just like I thought – they’ve captured Ralph’s most heartbreaking moment.


A couple other favorites from the new Minifig collection include Mr. Burns holding Blinky as well as the Itchy and Scratchy minifigs, sold separately.

If you’d like to get in on the LEGO Simpsons action for free, just make sure you get yourself to a TV on Sunday May 4th (or your fave Internet TV streamer anytime after) to catch the 550th Simpsons episode “Brick Like Me,” which just so happens to be the most expensive Simpsons episode on record.

What can we expect from this deal in future months if things go well? I wouldn’t expect either brand to squander the opportunity by neglecting to make other Simpsons sets. Kwik-E-Mart? Springfield Elementary? Comic Book Store? Oh man, time to hit the classifieds for that second job.



  1. I might have to pick up some Simpsons minifigs for my bookcase. My five year old won’t understand it now since he doesn’t watch The Simpsons, but maybe in a couple of years, he’ll catch on.


    Where can I get the lego simpson house with figures for a very low price the price of this is outragously high thanks lainya

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