EyePlay By EyeClick Keeps The Kids Entertained While You Wait


You know what it’s like walking into a mall, a hotel, an airport, or a hospital with your kids. Kids of all ages are frequently challenged to wait for their parents to take care of shopping, business, or travel plans. While handheld video games are fairly inexpensive these days, sometimes you want to keep your children more active.

Fortunately for parents, some technology companies have been thinking the same thing.


Take EyePlay by EyeClick.

EyePlay, a virtual indoor playground, is projected on the floor from an overhead console/projector, and allows establishment owners to provide active play for kids ages two and up. Most parents would be hard pressed not to let their kiddos run about, playing a giant, age-appropriate video game with up to 15 other kids while they wait for their parents to finish what they came there for, right?  In addition to keeping customers’ children occupied, the EyePlay does include advertising space for the owner, so parents should be aware that their kids will get a dose of marketing along with their play.

pump it up

The kids’ indoor playground franchise, Pump It Up, has just integrated this EyePlay technology into ten of Pump It Up’s locations around the country. Called “Motion Mania” at Pump It Up playgrounds, the games available there include Balloons, Super Soccer, Ball Pit, Piano, and Disco Floor, so there’s likely to be some fun for everyone there.

Personally, I’d like to get a big group of kids together and re-enact that scene from Big with Tom Hanks on the big floor piano, or play “Heart and Soul” en masse to impress the other folks waiting around with us. Imagine how much fun this would be for a birthday party at your house, too, maybe in the garage to give enough indoor floor space. However you slice it, EyePlay looks like something I’d like to check out with my kids. How about you?

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