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Faces By Zoe Miller & David Goodman

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Now that we’re older we don’t get near as much imaginative fun as we used to, finding puppy dogs in clouds or a scary man’s face in the knot of the tree in the backyard. We’ve become zombies (aka lame adults). Eating, working, sleeping, changing diapers, sleeping, working, emailing, sleeping, changing diapers. Remember when you were a kid and you could use your imagination to change the real world into an artist’s playground? Now your child gets the chance to do that (you can too, if you’re so inclined) before they, too, become a diaper-changing zombie.

Faces is a book by design duo Zoe Miller and David Goodman, known for their unique graphic styles and their other think-outside-the-box books: A Is for Artist, Color and Shape. This pretty little book focuses on the faces around us, made using unusual and creative geometric shapes, sculptures, prints, and collages.

There’s surprises all throughout, with details revealed by lifting flaps, looking through holes and even turning the book upside down! From pots and pans, to cardboard pieces and building blocks — once your future artist has a look at this book, they’ll be scrounging around the whole home trying to find pieces to include in their very own face masterpiece.

Just don’t get offended when they create your face a little too accurately. Your kid is bound to remind you of any insecurities you ever had about your noggin; count on it!

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