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Fairy House Kit

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No child can resist the appeal of fairies. Everyone loves having little sugary sprites that live unseen in our cupboards and gardens to daydream about, or to blame when something goes missing. There are a million and one stories about them, and your little mischief-maker has probably heard them all. If that’s the case, they will swoon over the chance to make a real-life dwelling for the fairies that live around your home with the Fairy House Kit.

With the Fairy House Kit, your elf can make a multi-level fairy condo with ladders, stairs and a rustic woodsy décor. The kit comes with wooden panels for the floors and sturdy branches to hold them up. For decoration the kit has moss, birch bark, wire, seashells, pine cones and many other nature-found pieces. It also comes with a mini glue gun and 8 glue sticks.

For some kids, Lego bricks are a little too bland, a little too plastic and a little too rule-bound. The Fairy House Kit is a great gift for kids who love to build and create, but aren’t really into the whole blockey look. It just may inspire the budding eco-architect in your child, so don’t be surprised if wooden creations suddenly start appearing everywhere.

The Fairy House Kit would go great with a viewing of films like The Secret World of Arriety or Thumbelina. After you’re done building the Fairy House together, pop in a fairy-theme film into the DVD player and speculate as to what kind of miniature people you may spy moving into your new creation.

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