“Family is Everything:” Holding on to Breaking Bad


No matter how much I love them, I’m pretty terrible at staying current on the latest TV shows. My friends and coworkers know this and always carefully sidestep spoilers when talking around me, bless their hearts. One of the downsides of being behind on my TV watching is that I often miss the waves of hype over themed merchandise. I don’t get memes or inside jokes. I’ll finally come to a line in the show that makes me finally understand all those “I am the one who knocks” t-shirts everyone was wearing last year.

There are a few upsides to consuming media this way. First, I don’t have to wait. The one show I am current on, Game of Thrones, takes forever to release new episodes. Seriously, how long has it been since last season? Like five years?

Since I’m watching Breaking Bad after the series finale, I know that I won’t have to wait in between episodes (which makes things much more enjoyable). Another upside is that while I fiercely guard myself against spoilers, it’s usually pretty easy to gauge how well a show ended. I’m not quite to the end yet, but I’ve heard the finale of Breaking Bad is incredibly satisfying. Lost? Not so much. I’m saving that one for when I run out of every other show. Remember how mad everyone was about the finale? No thanks.

Even though I’m usually pretty late to the party, I can still enjoy the lasting impact a really good show leaves on our culture. What made me want to focus on Breaking Bad this week (besides the marathon I’ve been having every night) is Anna Gunn’s Breaking Bad clutch, which she toted at the 2014 SAG Awards last night.


Of course, it’s tricky writing about a show like Breaking Bad on a site like Nerdy With Children. We like to share nerdy things with our kids, but because so much of the nerdverse has grown up in the last few decades to include a ton of moral grey area, we can’t exactly fill a family movie night with all of the things we like. We can, however, get away with sneaking a few things into our family’s lives to hang on to the things we’re passionate about, even if the series is long over. Besides, the overarching message of Breaking Bad is that “family is everything.”

Let’s start with the baby. If you’re into cloth diapers (which are highly endorsed by NWC), we have the perfect BrBa addition to your collection. It may be a little spendier than your other cloth diapers, but having one or two perfect pieces to point baby in the right direction couldn’t hurt. Plus, warning people about the biohazard inside the diaper will be much appreciated. For more ideas on how to heisenburg-ify your nursery, check out our feature on the periodic table for babies.


Some of the wall decals coming out of Etsy are graphically striking, and this golden bee chemical logo is no exception. Found on the methylamine barrels in Walter’s lab, the graphic is innocently cool-looking to those unfamiliar with the show and a treat for those in the know.


Then, of course, there’s the blue stuff.

This rock candy is fun, and can (legally) be enjoyed by people of all ages. Check out the hilarious reviews for Amazon’s Blue Rasberry Rock Crystals and then order yourself a big ol’ pound of it.


Along the same lines, you can relax in a tub full of blue with these Bathing Bad bath salts.


And let’s not forget the kitchen, which is always the best place to pretend you’re running a legitimate operation. The Los Pollos Hermanos fry batter is a great thing to keep around to keep suspicions at bay, and always have tasty chicken at hand. The best in ABQ!


And for the living room, you’re going to need a fat stack of cash to sit on. Maybe if W.W. had had this, he would have stopped earlier.


Want to really get your kids into a life scientific? Check out our earlier coverage of how to introduce kids to chemistry. If your kids are mature and have an awesome sense of humor, they may be able to handle watching the show in order to make a middle school parody like this one:

For  more info on the viral image of mini Jesse and Walt in the header image, check out the article from Huff Post. It describes the photo’s journey to the top of the Internet, how Aaron Paul got involved with it, and why some moms think it’s awful.

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