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Family Fluxx Card Game

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You’ve done your time with repetitive games. Years of going up ladders and sliding down chutes was supposed to develop your child’s brain for better games, but all it’s led to is twenty rounds of Go Fish a day.

We found the remedy: Family Fluxx, “The Ever Changing Family Card Game!” Created by Looney Labs, Family Fluxx is for 2 to 6 players, ages 6 and up. Card game geeks are no doubt familiar with Fluxx’s many incarnations; we’re guessing there’s already a Monty Python or Zombie Fluxx somewhere in your household, but now you can play this family-friendly version with your nerdlings.

There are four card categories: Keepers, Goals, New Rules, and Actions. You can change the rules, steal cards from players, and put cards together to achieve goals like making cheesecake or walking the dog. Achieving the goal wins the game, so it’s not about how many cards you have, but which ones. The goal can change with every card drawn, too, so it makes for dynamic play that involves both skill and luck. It’s like if Uno and Apples to Apples had an adorable, illustrated baby.

Speaking of which, almost every card has illustrated directions along with written ones, allowing kids of every reading level the opportunity to participate. The images are simple and cute with a storybook feel. Plus, bright color-codes will make it easy to keep track of different categories. Pick this game up for cheap, and pretty soon, your child will only remember “go fish” as the time they sat in a boat trying to catch some trout with Gramps.

Here’s a tutorial by the creator himself:

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