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Fascinations Celestial 8″ Globe

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Most globes are great for learning about the world, and teaching your offspring valuable facts about geography. The problem is, they typically only have one function and kids get bored easily. Globes are usually relegated to being basic tools, and while they often make for interesting décor in a library or study, it can be difficult to get much use out of them after a certain point. So, what do we do to make owning the world interesting and cool enough that it stands out?

How about adding in the entire night sky, and make it light up? The Celestial 8″ Globe
is a standard, colorful globe by day, but when the lights go out, it transforms to show off all 88 constellations. This globe can teach children all about the stars in our sky, in addition to everything a normal one could do. A night light as much of a learning device, the illuminated globe lights up beautifully via a sensor that detects when it gets dark in the area. This globe captures all of the wonder of the constellations, without having to set up a telescope of brave the elements. It will light up any kid’s room, perfect for little fans of stargazing.

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