Our Favorite Nerdy Pajamas


It’s that special time of year when the family finds themselves having more and more jammie time together. The kids are home for the holidays, and Mom and Dad, if they’re lucky enough, have been stealing a few leisurely mornings in their comfiest footie jams. Christmas’s unofficial uniform may as well be PJ’s, and if you’re like my family, you want some fresh new ones to wear while you snuggle around the tree on Christmas morning.

I often put pajamas on my Christmas list because they’re pretty much the perfect gift. The price range is right, and every time I come home from a long day at work and put on my soft jammies, I think of the person that gave them to me. It’s like a little long distance hug. My favorite pajamas of all time were my Nick and Nora gnome pajamas. It looks like they’ve been discontinued, which is a shame because they totally reminded me of Amelie (NOT Travelocity, which is just a copycat gnome).


I did find some similar ones for you here at Munki Munki. This shop also makes one of our favorite toddler jammies, the Pencil and Eraser footies. If you’re digging this cloth but don’t have any toddlers around, there are kids’ long johns and baby onesies too.


If the Star Trek loving dad in your family expresses a little jealousy at how the kids still get to wear footy pj’s, you’ve found the untoppable gift.


Is Dad more of a DC kind of guy? If so, this footie pajama has a cape and a mask. So he can be Batdad.


If Dad’s into things that a little more timeless, there are plenty of Dr. Who jams out there.


There seems to be a pajama movement sweeping the globe that’s just perfect for nerds who love to be comfy: Kigurumi. Basically super comfy cosplay, Kigurumi jammies are usually animals like this adorable owl.


But before there was kids Kigurumi, it was mostly for adults who wanted to dress up as things like Charmander. These are as weird and as awesome as you’d expect Japanese anime inspired jammies to be.


These are all great jammies, but our favorite by far are these Smart PJs that have QR codes for bedtime stories patterned all over them; just scan with your phone for instant storytime.





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