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Feathers Long Sleeve Thermal

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“Feather by feather the goose is plucked.” Know what that proverb means? We don’t either, but it ties in perfectly with this cool thermal we’ve found for your little guy or girl (standing ovation for non gender specific clothing!).

A thermal is just a thermal, you say? Think again! Unlike regular thermals, this feather thermal oozes will cool with its intricately designed double feather graphic on the front. Straight from Little Lark (wow, another bird reference—we’re getting good at this), it’s crafted from 100% organic cotton and printed with lead-free ink, right here in the USA. And yes, this is a 100% sweatshop-free thermal, in case you were wondering.

Great for the cooler months ahead, when your little rascal steps outside, they won’t be dressed like all the other cookie-cutter kids on the block—they’ll be wearing cool thermals they’re not embarrassed of showing off (not those humiliating thermals mom used to make us wear back in the 70s and 80s).

This thermal is made in a comfy fit for babies, toddlers and kids up to size 12, so we suggest grabbing a few so each child in the family can show their classmates just how cool their parents are for dressing them in hip and trendy threads.

Say yes to plumage!

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