Felt Chain Necklace

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Felt Chain Necklace

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My 19-month-old daughter has a new trick. Like a siren, she calls me over (“Mama!”), produces that super-sweet smile, and beckons me to lean forward and give her a big hug. Then, as she is providing me with that half-hug that sustains me for hours, her grin becomes even wider and she reaches up and pulls at my “nen-liss.” I ask her not to pull and she stops, but that look in her eye — which can only be described as pure fascination — makes me want to carelessly rip off my ridiculously ostentatious piece of costume jewellery and offer it to her as a sign of my love.

Who knew a toddler could have a necklace of her very own, one she won’t be able to swallow, or cause you to have a heart attack when she inevitably flushes it down the potty? Jewellery genius Jessica Dance gives us the Felt Chain, a Beastie Boys-inspired chain necklace made out of unbreakable, untarnishable felt material. Although I’m half serious about the whole give-this-to-your-toddler suggestion (after all, the preschool set will always find a way to destroy anything — felt or metal), this necklace makes a perfect gift for the kid in your life who is just beginning to cultivate their own fashion sense.

Keep an eye out for other creations by Dance, whose art background is evident in pieces like the “Juggle Head” and “Juggle Neck,” royal purple and gold matching hair clip and necklace made from juggling balls.

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