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Ferm Living Guitar Pillow

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When you’re a music fanatic it becomes a regular part of your life; it’s a need, want, desire, and an addiction that you can never get enough of. It’s a drug, a good drug, that will never land you in an asylum or jail cell, unless you attempt to stalk your favorite musician–which you shouldn’t do. Hopefully, your perfectly healthy appreciation of music has rubbed off on your kids. If you’re lucky, they eat, breathe and live whatever you play, and when they go to sleep, it wouldn’t be surprising if they incorporate an element of music into that as well.

The Guitar Pillow from Firm Living is one such item where sleep and music go hand-in-hand. A comfortable resting place for guitarists of smaller stature, this guitar-shaped cushion–exclusively made out of 100% organic cotton material and stuffed with an ultra-soft polyester filling–comes decorated with images of automobiles and nature scenes that kids will love. It’s perfect as a sleeping pillow or as a headrest when lying on the couch watching documentaries of their favorite bands or the zany adventures of The Beatles in Yellow Submarine Either way, it’s a delightful piece of padding that make activities like lounging and relaxation more enjoyable. Let them invest in music, and let them use it as comfortable resting spot, too.

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