Fighting Fantasy Warlock Of Firetop Mountain

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Fighting Fantasy Warlock Of Firetop Mountain

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Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson coupled together in 1982 to craft a series of gamebooks, otherwise known as choose your own adventure (CYOA) books. In these novels the reader is the hero, making decisions that will alter the course of action of the characters. In other words, your nerdling can enjoy different fantasy stories from the same book (replay value!).

Warlock of Firetop Mountain is a 208-page adventure that can inspire your kid to engage in a new book genre, and only the first in the Fighting Fantasy series (the original run was 59 books!). This genre is especially appealing to those who enjoy RPGs and tabletop games that offer dynamic decision making. Find different routes, and utilize various strategies in your quest to conquer Zagar the Warlock.

What is unique is that the series takes the CYOA concept further into gamer territory by incorporating a combat system using a six-sided die and character stats. By employing the use of a D6, the authors were able to introduce a revolutionary new feature which helps decide the success (or failure) of the reader’s decisions. The active role you have in the construction of the story is the perfect way to encourage reluctant readers, and pull the kids away from the TV.

Here’s Steven Jackson giving a lowdown on the Kindle version if you’ve been a nice enough parent to buy your kids one:

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