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Final Fantasy: Unlimited

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One of the hallmarks of the Final Fantasy series is that each story is a unique, handcrafted tale sewn from the tapestry of the same universe, yet no two journeys are alike. When we were younger we experienced stories that are now considered classics, which imprinted epics on us that we can fondly look back on. Our kids are likely playing the same series today, but their experiences are entirely different; they might remember those stories years from now, too.

Final Fantasy Unlimited is another of those tales, woven from the same fabric, yet in anime form. It follows twins, Ai and Yu Hayakawa, as they search through a mysterious new land for their lost parents. The world of Final Fantasy Unlimited contains many of the creatures you and your mini-gamers are likely to recognize, including Chocobo, Moogles, and Anima, as well as all the requisite spell-slinging you’d come to expect. The story is makes for a fine quest, but don’t expect any of the characters to tie directly into the series you or your kids have played; Unlimited stands on its own.

More Final Fantasy is never a bad thing, so if your offspring are clamoring for another adventure in between main games, then summon Final Fantasy Unlimited to your living room.

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