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Find and Make Elephant

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So the environment means a lot to you, eh? You’ve got a weekly recycling routine and there’s no way you’d catch the kids not separating the milk cartons from the cardboard boxes, or carrying plastic grocery bags around town. Every little bit helps, we know. So we’ve searched high and low for a toy that makes use of your recyclable stash, while encouraging the kids to be crafty and creative. It’s called the Find&Made Elephant, and it’s from Makedo, where their philosophy is to provide the tools for you and your kids to create new things from the old stuff around you.

What’s included in this kit is 33 reusable parts: 15 re-clips (15 pins, 15 clips), 2 lock-hinges, 1 plastic safe-saw elephant (for punching holes in thick cardboard), safari stickers, plus a step-by-step instruction guide and a poster for inspiration.

But that’s not enough to make a play elephant, is it? That’s where you and your radical recycling ratbag come into play. You’ll need to provide a cardboard box, coffee cups and lids, a tray, cardboard tube (any guesses what that might be for?), and some thin cardboard. Sounds like a lot but if you and the kiddos are serious about recycling, you’ll be able to find these goodies in a jiffy.

Constructing the elephant takes about an hour, and kids under 7 should get help because some of the building is a little fiddly.
Enormous fun is just a click away!

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