FireFly Fluxx Will Complete Your Family Game Night


Do you recall those long boring nights sitting around the dinner table waiting for someone to win Monopoly? The game should’ve ended hours ago, only a certain result of the dice would end this tortuous evening. The chance of you edging out a victory hinged on your token landing on free parking sixty times in row, while collecting $200 every time you passed Go.  Those were the days, right? So much has changed since then that there are literally a plethora of options on the market to create an evening of fun with you and the kids. However, there aren’t many options that include hit sci-fi television shows. Firefly Fluxx takes everything you love about the hit show and the classic game and brings back the TGIFs we grew up with.

We’ve talked about Looney Labs’ Fluxx in the past. It’s a card game where up to six players battle it to match their keeper cards with the goal card. It’s not UNO, but if your children have mastered UNO or Spades then they’re probably ready for Fluxx. A game can last anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. I would say an average length is probably 20-30 minutes depending on the number of players. Fluxx’s main mechanic is that the rules are constantly changing and they affect all the players. It’s quite a unique game in that regard. You can be winning one second, only to have everything switch around in favor of another player.


What does FireFly Fluxx bring to the table? Let me start off with a disclaimer, if you loathe Fluxx then stop reading. Firefly Fluxx only adds one new aspect to the game. There’s certain text on some keeper cards that allows you to take special actions. If, however, your kids love Fluxx or you want to get them into Firefly this is a great set to pick up. The FireFly lore in the game is deeper than anticipated. Lots of different characters and ships represent the keeper cards, which are cards you need to match with a goal to win the game. I played the game with several different friends and we stopped numerous times to talk about which episodes the quotes on the cards came from. For instance, a goal card references Two by Two, you must have the keepers, River Tam and Hands of Blue, to win the game. Another goal is “Yes Sir, Captain Tight Pants!”, requiring the cards, Kaylee Frye and Mal Reynolds, to claim victory.

Overall, FireFly is a nice edition to the Fluxx empire. My only complaint is that the illustrations are not quite as detailed as Pirate Fluxx, which is the other version I own. I can’t recommend Fluxx enough as a great gateway card game for kids that parents will enjoy.  Firefly and Fluxx, a perfect family night that everyone can enjoy.


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