Firefly Game’s “Faery’s Tale” is an RPG for the Whole Family


Ah, the age-old tradition of pen-and-paper role playing games. In them resides the genesis of so many great childhood memories. They allow us to explore exotic worlds, dig into the psyche of interesting characters, and weave stories that will remain with us for a lifetime. And, as you raise the next generation of intrepid explorers, you will, of course, want to introduce your children to this ageless medium.

It can sometimes be hard to find a good role-playing game to introduce younger children to. A lot of mainstream games are overly complicated, mechanics focused, and decidedly not intended for a younger audience. Fortunately, there are independent game designers like Firefly Games that take the time to fill this void.

“Faery’s Tale”, by Firefly Games, is just such a system. Written with younger children in mind, “Faery’s Tale” brings you into a world of magic, where your players take on the role of pixies, brownies, sprites and pookas. Its simple game mechanics and setting are appropriate for kids ages 6 and older. You’ll fall in love with role playing games all over again as you and your children explore the realm of Brightwood, and advance your faeries to the highest ranks of fae society.

This deluxe edition of the game includes the full game rules, tips on playing with younger children, and three adventures to get you started. The art is gorgeous, sure to keeps kids engaged as the game progresses.

Role-playing games are perfectly suited for children. They do it automatically, pretending they’re kings and princesses, soldiers and fairies, astronauts and adventurers. Role playing encourages that sense of adventure, and nurtures the imagination in a structured environment. And for moms and dads who loved role-playing games as kids — you know, the real nerds among us — what a wonderful way to share a part of your childhood with your little ones.

“Faery’s Tale” is available through Firefly Games.

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