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First Act Discovery Voice Rockrz Microphone

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Generations born before 1990 mostly played with action figures, baby dolls, rocking chairs, stick ball, and dirt. Generations born after 1990 had ipods, laptops, mini recording equipment, and advanced forms of technology that I still can’t wrap my head around no matter how hard I try. Case in point, the Voice Rockrz Microphone from First Act Discovery that allows kids to plug into an MP3 player and sing along to their favorite songs. Whaa??! Sounds crazy complicated, right? Not to someone way more tech savvy than I’ll ever be, who happens to still be in diapers. Whatever, some of us are slow learners.

Not only can future singer/songwriters (or singers with a songwriting team instead) plug their Voice Rockerz into the internet and harmonize with their favorite songs off of Brats on the Beat, they also have the option of switching their vocal stylings to one of three voice effects: Robot-riffic, Echo-tastic, and Hi-Note. Pretty sweet.

Aside from the unique extras it comes with, including a skull ring and matching cuff bracelet for kids to wear proudly at their very first death metal show, the mic has sound effects like a drum roll and cheers so they can experience the feeling of performing in a small, sweaty rock club on a Saturday night. Thankfully, this mic doesn’t include the sound of profane fans or said fans upchucking from too many brewskies: sounds that elder rockers born in the golden era of Playskool and Mattel would appreciate.

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