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Flash Toddler Havaianas Sandals

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How fast is The Flash? Pretty darned fast, if you consider that he beat Superman in a foot race. (Superman #463. This is a bit ambiguous, though, since there have been several races between Superman and the various incarnations of The Flash, most of which were inconclusive. But I digress..) He can run just shy of the speed of light. He even thinks at super speed, making his thoughts unreadable to telepaths.

All this speed can be inspirational to those of us who love to run, especially those who love to run fast, and now you can foster this love of foot propulsion in your toddler with the Flash Toddler Havaianas Sandals. Made in Brazil, these sturdy sandals will have your toddler tapping into the Speed Force in no time. They feature a cartoonish scene of The Flash running through a city-scape, which spans the tops of the soles of the two sandals, rubber sandal straps sporting The Flash’s logo, and a heel strap to keep them firmly in place. These sandals come in a wide range of toddler sizes.

So, encourage your little speedsters to run off all of that excess energy with these super heroic sandals and, who knows, maybe they’ll grow up to be the track stars of their generation.

Just in case you still need a little proof of Flash’s badassery:

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