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Floating Astronaut Wall Mural

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Every astronaut’s journey to space has always begun the same way, as a distant wish made while staring up at the stars. Help your geek kid to dream big and reach for the stars – literally, with this beautiful print.

This is a big one – and we don’t just mean “large”, although at nine feet wide it is remarkably sizeable. By ‘big’ we mean that it is monumental, impressive, colossal and just plain WOW.

One lone astronaut swims through the void, hovering just above the earth with the star-speckled blackness of space behind him. He challenges the pull of gravity, fighting his inevitable return to terra firma with all the strength of mankind’s scientific knowledge. Depicted here is a statement: “through science, we win – by knowledge, we rule!”

As you’re staring at this image, contemplating the perfect silence all around that gleaming transparent dome and that snow-white, high-tech marvel in which the astronaut is cocooned, contemplate this too: you can make this print as big or as small as you want. This is a custom job, so just tell the folks at Great Wall how big you’d like this thing, and they’ll deliver it to your door made-to-order. This window into outer space will draw your little explorer into pondering the vast mysteries of the universe while they imagine they are the ones wearing the helmet.

The basic wallpaper model is perfect for a kid’s playroom or bedroom. This print is also available as a repositionable wall graphic, embossed suede print, or printed on artist’s canvas. Just like the void of space, it is highly rated for smoke and flame safety. The digital printer produces the image at 720 dpi, making it as crisp and clear as the stars on a cloudless night.  

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