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Florence Nightingale Little Thinker

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The historic “Lady with the Lamp,” Florence Nightingale is the founder of modern nursing. It’s hard to over-emphasize what an important figure she is in modern medicine, and what a positive role model she’d be for your little med-geek!

Kids today have all kinds of role models available: Paris Hilton, the cast of Jersey Shore, 16 and Pregnant – oh, what’s that? You say that these are all terrible, terrible role models? We agree. That’s why it’s more important than ever to introduce your younglings to positive, intelligent, hard-working, role models – the people who lit up our dark existences and showed us the way forward.

Like all the Little Thinkers series, this Florence Nightingale doll is a 12” tall soft plush, including her lantern. Her clothes are stitched, which, having come from an era of Victorian modesty, we’re sure Florence doesn’t mind.

Incidentally – Florence Nightingale is no one-note player: in addition to being a tireless and skilled nurse, and an early advocate for sanitation and cleanliness in Eastern medicine, she was also a mathematician and had a particular gift for visual representation of mathematical data. So remember THAT next time your little geek needs help with a pie chart!

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