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Flutter Pettiskirts – Lilac and Turquoise

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Pettiskirts have been a staple of women’s fashion for hundreds of years. In the 16th Century women wore open-fronted dresses with intricately designed pettiskirts. During the Renaissance period multi-layered dress style were common additions to outfits. In the 18th Century elegant, lacy petticoats were fashionable in America and across the pond. In the 1800s pettiskirts began to be used for those harbingers of all things fashionable, opera singers. Extended frames were built for singers to fit large, full pettiskirts so their fabulosity could even be seen from the nosebleed section. The pettiskirt fell out of favor during the Great Depression, but saw a resurgence in the 1950s, worn to amp up every poodle skirt at the sock hop.

Today, sadly the trend has again faded away, upheld only as piece of Halloween costumes and by one particularly fashionable set: children. Oh those fashionistas (and a few fashionistos), they know that when an event calls for a little more dramatic flair, it calls for a pettiskirt. The little haute couture experts will love this fluffy, perfectly twirlable turquoise chiffon skirt with lavender overskirt from Huggalugs. The skirt has a satin waist trimmed with a pretty matching bow and is perfect for ages six months to eight years. A trip to the beach? Pettiskirt-appropriate. Lunch with friends? Totally a pettiskirt-worthy occasion. This could even become, for those always-in-vogue enfants, everyday wear. Whoever said school picture day isn’t reason enough to add a little chiffon je ne sais quoi to one’s ensemble?

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