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Flying Monsters in 3D

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Your child may know everything about dinosaurs, but does she know about the ones that fly? David Attenborough, director of Life, takes us on a journey through the eyes of these majestic flying reptiles. The pterosaurs is the true predator of the sky. With a wingspan the size of a jet plane, this beast can soar at speeds of up to 30 miles an hour.

The movie will touch on the basics of physics and how these animals can lift off the ground, all the while using stunning visuals. No, they haven’t cloned these magnificent beasts yet, you will have to settle for CGI. However, there is a 3d version that comes with the Blu-Ray.

Most importantly your child will learn about the link between modern birds and the Pterosaur. Why hollow bones are critical to flight and how flight was possible without feathers. For 100 million years these gigantic flying lizards ruled the skies. Now you can bring them home into your living room.

Of course, you should turn this into a double feature with the classic sci-fi movie Rodan. This 1950’s Japanese monster movie is very similar to Godzilla, but instead of a walking lizard, Rodan takes to the skies.

Check out the trailer to Rodan, below.

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