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Back in the day, in order to construct a pointy, high-in-the-air mohawk you’d have to use lots and lots of super glue, to get those liberty spikes all sharp and whatnot. Now with the miracle of Fohawx you don’t have to do this anymore, thus avoiding mess and a whole lotta pain (and possible shaving of one’s head) in order to get all that glue out of your hair. Fohawx is a new kind of safety helmet accessory for kids, allowing them to alter of their plain (lame) helmet to suit their punk rock ways with various styles of these EVA foam mohawks

As the brainchild of a former visual consultant and a former business management consultant for Toys R Us, the story of how Fohawx! came to be is an endearing one. Co-founder Jocelyn Fine’s daughter, Mia, came up with the idea when her little brother refused to wear his helmet because he didn’t think “it looked cool.” With some scissors and a whole bunch of imagination, Mia created a faux-hawk out of pieces of brightly colored paper, and thus the next best thing in helmet fashion was born. With five different style of Fohawx! to choose from (punkrox-pink, punkrox-yellow, waves, dredlox-blue, and dredlox-brown), kids have an array of options to adorn on top of their helmets and all you parents concerned for their child’s safety (as you should) will relax a little easier knowing their precious little hellions are safe from harm.

No where on this site does it say it’s JUST for kids……that’s all I’m saying (wink wink).

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