For the Little Space Cadet: Estes Hi-Flier Rocket Kit


Kids love rockets. They embody a child’s sense of adventure, their fascination with the mysteries of the universe, their ideas about what might lie beyond. And there is no shortage of rocket toys for kids. Rocket alarm clocks, rocket lamps, rocket night lights, rocket beds, rocket pajamas, rocket movies, rocket bikes.

But nothing …. nothing … beats the real thing. Tell a kid you’re going to launch a rocket into the sky and watch that little face light up. Yeah, all that rocket stuff in the bedroom is cool and all, but the prospect of igniting the fuse on a real rocket, one that will shoot straight up until nearly out of sight — and drop a parachuted space dude back to earth — is just awesome.


The Estes Hi-Flier Model rocket kit makes that possible. This isn’t just any rocket, you know the ones that putter out after a few feet, eliciting a meager response from your young space cadets. This ergonomic missile is designed to sail to great heights and bore through clouds. This thing can actually travel up to 1675 feet. That’s more than one-third of a mile!

That being said, the Hi-Flier does require some adult supervision. It’ll take some light assembly — including gluing, sanding and some painting — but kids like customizing their awesome rockets, so this project will make for some quality family time. The rocket itself is 12 inches tall when complete, including balsa fins a single-piece tube body and plastic conical nose. You’ll also need a launch system, so it’s best to make sure you’re prepared before blasting rockets off into the stratosphere.

Here’s a detailed vid on how to put the thing together:

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