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For Those About To Rock Art Print

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No one forgets their first music-related piece of art. It’s kind of a big deal. You’re displaying to those who wander into your home what you like musically and giving them an idea of perhaps what your attitude is like as well. Iif posters of Lisa Frank hang happily and vibrantly on your walls, this will likely result in most people smiling and perhaps not being as scared if say, you had a poster or a picture that proclaimed “I LOVE SATAN”! That probably won’t go over well with squares or those crazy people from the Westboro Baptist Church, who are just plain insane and yell a lot of nonsense to no one who really cares. But a print that says “FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK” is one message that musicphiles and non-musicphiles, squares and crazy Christians from another planet can all get behind.

Artist John Tibbit has created an awesome pink and white print that bears this message; anyone who feels that they are about to rock should pin or frame this onto whatever spot on your wall you deem it necessary and appropriate. The print is made on a natural white, 100% cotton rag, free of icky chemicals like acid and lignin, and is used with an advanced digital dry ink for crisp, clear, and bold digital imagery. It also comes trimmed with a 1” border just in case you decide to frame it instead of lazily tacking it into your wall like you did in college with your Pink Floyd tapestry. Tsk tsk. So for those about to rock, we–I’m not even going to finish that. I’ll let Brian Johnson finish for me:

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